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One man’s garbage is another man’s gold is what they say.

Can you get rid of some unwanted stuff this year to bring in a few bucks before the expensive holiday period?

Holiday Time Is Expensive

We all probably feel like we need a break and deserve a little time to recharge and recuperate after a hard year.

Sadly, not everyone gets to take time off at the end of the year but for those who do, how can you cover the extra expenses which always seem to come with holiday time?

One tip for bringing in a few extra bucks before the holidays is to hold some version of a garage sale. 

A Garage Sale

Now this could be done the old fashioned way (picture tables outside your house with people coming around to see what you have for sale) but there are also many websites, forums and online services where you can sell old (but still interesting) stuff.

‘there are also many websites, forums and online services where you can sell old (but still interesting) stuff’

This might be that old pair of boots that you never really liked or never fit quite right or that table your aunty gave you and just clutters up the room.

Whatever the case, you can probably find a few things that you don’t really use that much and might prefer to have cold hard cash in your pocket instead.


    • How often do I actually use this item?
    • Could someone else get more use out of this than i do?
    • If this item needs to be repaired, is it worth spending the money? Do i even have that money to fix it? 
    • Do I own another item that serves the same purpose, or could i borrow something like it from a family member or friend when i do need it instead?

Once you have had a good look around the house and in those drawers and in those old boxes that have been gathering dust, you may be surprised how many things you find. 

These items could be the type of thing you can sell to get some extra cash. Cash that could be used to help you cover extra costs that may come up during the holidays. 

After all, one man’s garbage is another man’s gold!