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Man Caught Cashing Money At An ATM From 70 SASSA Cards

A 47-year-old Durban man has been caught by the SAPS with over 70 SASSA cards in his possession. The man had been drawing cash from the various accounts when he was arrested.

It is likely* that the man is acting as an illegal credit provider and has been taking the SASSA cards from those who receive grants to repay illegal loans.

It seems business has been going well for him as it is reported that the same man recently bought himself a fancy Mercedes-Benz. That has now, of course, changed dramatically as the police swooped in.

When the man was arrested he had over R7500 in cash on him. His vehicle has now also been seized by the police as part of the arrest.


It is illegal for a credit provider to ask you to give them your bank cards and ATM pin, your SASSA cards or your Drivers or ID book to hold as surity for any loans they give out. If you are asked for such things then you should rather walk away and report the matter to the police or National Credit Regulator (NCR).



*Debtfree will report further on the matter as the case develops.