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Learn New Skills To Get An Edge

It can be hard to stand out in the crowd these days. Often competition for jobs is fierce and it can be just plain hard to find new work these days.

The latest stats show that the number of those unemployed in South Africa has once again increased. The official stats put unemployment at 35.3%. That means the official government figure went up from 7.6 million people unemployed to 7.9 million people. A huge number of these are recent school graduates. In 2008 this figure was at at an all time high at 46%. Over time the figure has continued to drop.

‘The official stats put unemployment at 35.3%’

Possessing some form of practical workplace skill can help you break into the job market. Rather than spend thousands and thousands over several years and only then face being unemployed, as an overqualified and underskilled university graduate (with a pile of debt), many people decide to do a short practical course.



If you are looking to develop new skills yourself or to upskill your team members then you may want to check out Olwazini and their Bank Seta accredited skills development and training programs. They have a range of training courses for those entering the workplace for the first time or those who would like to move into management or the world of banking and micro finance.