Small Ways to Save Big: Dinner

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Small Ways To Save Big: Dinner

When you think about dinner you are probably picturing a big plate of steaming hot food. Some meat and 2 different veggies (to be healthy). Maybe you also picture some slices of bread on the table and pudding to follow. For many ‘dinner’ is simply not dinner if there is no meat involved. And once the main course is done it might be time for something sweet…right?

Small Ways To Save Big

One of the ways that you can look to reduce your monthly running costs is to look at what and how you are serving dinner. Could you look to have smaller and simpler, most cost-effective dinners from time to time?

If one or two nights a week you are to switch things up and have a simple dinner your family will survive*. Consider having breakfast for dinner (eggs and toast with some fried tomatoes or an omelette), go green…well, eat some greens and try a big, delicious salad for dinner (it will be good for your arteries). Since many salad ingredients are cheaper you can afford to serve a lot and fill everyone up. Dump the big meal for a simple one like hot dogs.

Making one evening meal a week a very simple meal like toasted cheese sandwiches and a packet of chips or some homemade popcorn will help keep costs down.

A Small Change That Compounds

Trying this simple trick can save you money on two or more meals a week and maybe even cut down on preparation time. Who knows, you could even get the kids involved in making most of these meals for you? Wouldn’t that be nice?

If you can save R50 a week that’s R200 a month. R200 a month is R2400 a year. And if you can add this saving to many other small savings soon you will be able to get debt free and start saving money.




* Please make sure that your family get ongoing decent nutrition to the best of your ability within your means.