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Small Ways to Save Big: Avoid Dynamic Pricing!

When you go online and start to search for the price of things (like a TV, tablet or plane ticket) the websites that you visit and search engine that you use start to track what you are searching for. This is why if you accidentally type in haemorrhoid cream into a search engine pretty soon google begins advertising it to you everywhere.

This sort of tracking is done through cookies (mmm delicious cookies).

What you may not realise is that because you are now searching for these things retailers can start to shift the prices up slightly without you noticing every time you revisit their site or a similar site. That flight that you thought would only cost R999 suddenly costs R1200? What just happened?

You have been hit by ‘Dynamic Pricing’. You didn’t think that the retailers actually only had one price for items online did you? Foolish. If they know you want something they can be sneaky and start to bump up the price.

Here are some ways you can fight back and stop them from being sneaky and pushing up those prices:

Clear your browsing history

Clear those delicious cookies

Sign out of your social media sites

Switch to private browsing or incognito mode

The final step may actually be the most simple since it sort of does most of the other steps for you in a way but why not do them all just to be sure? If you don’t know how to do these things then maybe ask google or a teenager. You may find that suddenly that special R999 deal that you saw just a few days ago is suddenly now available again. Be smart and you can outsmart those tricky internet marketing people and their dynamic pricing tricks.

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