Smart Money Interview with Debt Counsellor & NCR

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Interview with NCR & Benay Sager

This segment of Smart Money features an interview about debt review with Ms Kedilatile Legodi of the National Credit Regulator as well as Mr Benay Sager of the IDM group. Mr Sager describes the debt review process and Ms Legodi briefly discusses how the process could in the past be interfered with through the old banking practice of ‘set off’ or ‘money grabbing’ (a practice that has now been declared illegal). She also discusses

The clip also shows one consumer’s reasons for entering debt review, how she found a Debt Counsellor and how she finds the process.

Mr Sager urges consumers who are debt stressed to consider the debt review process as a possible solution to their debt problems. He advises visiting a friendly Debt Counsellor to discuss options.


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