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Money With Moeshfieka

If you enjoy reading Debtfree Magazine and articles here on the Debtfree website then you will no doubt enjoy reading all about managing your money with Moeshfieka. Moeshfieka Botha is well known for her Daily Voice Rek Your Checque articles. 

Moeshfieka is a long time friend and occasional article contributor here at Debtfree Magazine. She is busy creating a new space for people interested in managing their finances and just having a good think about how they view and handle money at

The site goes live on the 11th of this month.

We will occasionally link debt and debt review articles for you to read and remind you about her site with its often funny but also insightful view of finances. Moeshfieka also hates fancy industry or financial jargon, just like us here at Debtfree Magazine.

We are excited to help our readers get access to this content in the near future.