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(contact Game for their current discounts as these may change from time to time)

10% Off At Game

If you are a student or a pensioner then you can now benefit from a 10% discount every day of the week at Game.

Game used to have 1 day a week when these benefits applied for students and pensioners but have recently expanded this arrangement to every day of the week to try to help those who are on a really tight budget.

Game say they are offering the discount as they want to help these specific customers who are facing growing pressure from inflation etc. This way all these very price sensitive clients can get access to the deal even if their schedule formerly did not allow them to get to the store midweek (for example, if staying at a care home and getting organised shopping trips only on weekends).

To qualify you will need to bring in ID and a small ID sized photo of yourself and fill in a form (students will need proof of schooling as well). So, not too taxing and they will help you fill in the forms. Most people get almost immediate access to the discount right away. There is a limit that applies to how much you can get discounted every month (10% of R3000) and this amount will change over time.

You can read all the T&Cs HERE

The T&Cs cover things like: The Discount may not be utilized on certain promotional days (such as Halfway Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday);The Discount is valid on purchases up to a total amount of R3 000.00 (three thousand rand). Check them out in detail using the link above.

If you are living on less then every extra Rand saved helps so, be sure to check out this offer if you or a family member qualifies.

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