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Best Customer Service with quick query resolution – Personal Customer Service Relations Team.  Compliant PDA – Committed to adhering to regulations and legal requirements. Boosting Debt Counsellors business growth and sustainability – Highly successful collection rates

Winning the Debt Review Awards in 2021 and in 2022, for the best PDA as reviewed by Debt Counsellors!

One of the key factors that sets DC Partner apart from its competitors is the level of pride we take in our company and work, as well as in making a difference in the lives of over indebted consumers in South Africa by easing the burden of repaying their debt obligations to credit providers.

Secure and accurate distributions are the cornerstone service of a PDA, this is our strength to collect funds on time and distribute correctly to credit providers.

Our focus has always been and will always be on the individual – treating each and every one of our clients as the distinctive business they are.

Timely successful collections

Premium data security

Transparent transactions

Accurate real-time reporting

Consumer portal

Dedicated customer support