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Debt Counsellors must submit their statistical returns by 15 February or they breach their T&Cs of registration.

And Don't Forget...

Each quarter Debt Counsellors are expected to submit statistics to the National Credit Regulator (NCR).

This is done in an Excel spreadsheet on a form called a Form 42 Statistical Return.

They also capture these stats on the NCR’s online web Database called NCRDebtHelp each day or week.

The stats sent in help the NCR report on the state of the industry and how debt review is impacting the SA economy. There are thousands of Debt Counsellors so you can imagine it would be a tough job to accurately capture all those figures without automation. Fortunately, these days there are many fancy ways to compile such information at the click of a button or two. No doubt Ai’s and software are helping reduce this otherwise soul crushing task into a few easy clicks.

One thing that Debt Counsellors hope to see in the future is the ability of the NCR Database NCRDebtHelp in automatically compiling these reports and Debt Counsellors being able to “click” and submit (and review their stats as well).

Don’t Forget

While Debt Counsellors are used to submitting their quarterly stats they also get to submit another form (Form 41).

This form can be used at this time of year to self report any breaches of the National Credit Act or Regulations (or perhaps their specific T&Cs of registration).

This might be something like accepting direct payment from consumers (if the Debt Counsellor is actually meant to use a PDA to receive funds from consumers and the consumer stops using a PDA and paying their fees direct) or something similar.

TIP: Name your file using your NCRDC#



The completed Form 41 and 42 must be sent to: