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Stats SA recently released information about unemployment in the various parts of SA. 

Apparently, the official overall number of unemployed people has come down. Which is great news.

15 million South Africans have work while officially 7.7 million are unemployed.

‘officially 7.7 million are unemployed’

This doesn’t mean that it has been a dramatic shift compared to last year of course and the official way at looking at the numbers is not considered the best measure. In reality, the extended parameters/definition paints a more realistic picture.

It might shock you to learn that in 2 of SAs provinces more people are unemployed than have work with a third province almost there.

North West has 53.3% unemployed;

Eastern Cape has 50.6% unemployed;

Limpopo now sits at 49.9% unemployed according to the expanded definition. So basically half.

The Western Cape has the lowest unemployment figures in SA, sitting at 24.5% officially and 29.5% by the expanded definition.

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