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UDU Smart Loans Debt Review Matters Now With Capital Data

MBD Legal Collections (who are an NCR registered credit provider – NCRCP1891) offer loans through UDU Smart Loans. Pronounced You Do (or even You do You) the online portal offers speedy smaller loans and Debt Counsellors may have come across it in the past in their dealings with consumers.

Up until the end of November 2018 Debt Counsellors would deal with Consumer Friend in regard to any UDU Personal Loans matters. This has now changed.

1 December 2018

As of the 1st of December 2018 the UDU Personal Loans debt review portfolio is now being handled by Capital Data. Capital Data is a division of Transaction Capital Recoveries and is also known as MBD Capital Data.

MBD Capital Data manage over 100 000 accounts in the collections space and handle lots of non-debt review matters but do also deal with debt review cases. Essentially what this means is that the debt review matters for these loans are moving back home to a division within the parent company.


Get it on your Mobile DeviceYou can contact Capital Data on ph011 560 6014