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High Court Ruling On Stellenbosch Law Clinic In Duplum Case

The Western Cape High Court has ruled in regard to the University of Stellenbosch  Law Clinic court application about In Duplum for a number of consumers in the Cape.

In Duplum is a term for when debts ‘double up’ due to fees and charges and is a safety net to prevent runaway fees and charges from putting a person in the situation where they will never be able to pay off a debt.

The Case & Ruling

The Clinic took on almost all the major credit providers, Banks and retailers over collections practices to do with In Duplum and the way credit providers have in the past added interest and fees to consumers accounts.


You Can Download the Ruling Here

The ruling addresses when in duplum applies and what fees and charges form part of or are left out of debt interest calculations. It is a great victory for consumers and hopefully should prevent abuses in the future.