Unpacking the Debt Review Awards Swag Bag

Debt Review Awards Swag Bag

Debt Review Awards 2014

The Debt Review Awards was lots of fun and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. It was great to see all the usual faces but all dressed up for the red carpet.




Zuk2Zak OpensOur Editor was the MC and did not embarrass us too much.




Unpacking the bag

One of the most important things about going to any event is the swag bag or gift bag. This year the Debt Review Awards gift bag was packed with great goodies. We take a moment to look inside and see what each guest received.






IMG_20140720_130046An overview of the bag and it’s contents. You can see the DCASA newsletter and the Cool pens from ADCAP and even the voucher from UBER with a R200 promotional code that guests could use if they downloaded the app. The NCT also provided some brochures and there was a origami folding and wordsearch thingy in the bag to keep guest amused if they found the speeches boring.











IMG_20140720_131029ADCAP had cool glass Drinking Bottles but you had to ask nicely at their display table. They also included a brochure and some post its which we have already started using.

NOTE TO SELF – make more notes.














IMG_20140720_130409 Items from Maximus. Had to be careful and not try eat the Key Chain by mistake. NPDA also had some key chains available – You can see it in the !st shot of the over view of the bag. Someone in the office put it on their keys and left with it so we never got another photo.








IMG_20140720_130515 Items from Nedbank. Very cool looking calculator..yes it may get stolen by someone thinking it is a iPhone. Maybe the perfect decoy if you are held up in the street while working out some calculations. Very cool!












IMG_20140720_130548 Items from Consumer Friend. Consumer friend helped everyone make friends by giving out Flash sticks with guests names on. We then mixed them up and sent guests looking for the person who’s name was on the Flash drive. A great way to meet new people.














NCT Chairperson Diane Terblanche cheating (or being very cunning) and using her time at the podium to track down her Flash Drive partner for the evening.










IMG_20140720_130701 Cooler Bag from Steyn Coetzee. it seems more suited to a 6 pack of cokes than this extra large 2.5 litre bottle but is super useful. It folds down into a tiny pack. Very Cool…















IMG_20140720_131314 DC Partner’s Pens, notebooks and cup o joe Mugs. Apparently the mugs are not referring to DC Partner representative to the W Cape Joe van Zyl – no matter what he tells you.















IMG_20140720_131507 Very clever ONE mousepad (with  ergonomic wrist rest).

It looks like their logo.














IMG_20140720_131622Hyphen’s Gold coins (filled with chocolate). Very fitting since it tied in with the piggy bank theme of the awards. We spotted their display staff scoffing them down while they thought no one was looking. Yummy.










IMG_20140720_131924The Sponsor info sheet and one of the Golden Piggys. A BIG thank you to all the sponsors for their gifts and helping organise the event.













IMG_20140720_131142 The latest Special Print Edition of Debtfree magazine. We also made bundles of the magazine available at the door as guests left. We will be distributing the magazine with the help of the various PDAs and DC Associations over the next few weeks.

This Issue is entitled the Benefits of Debt review and is all about how debt review can relieve stress, save marriages and help the economy.





There were some other items too but everybody at the office raided the bag and ran off with things (But not the bottle of wine from Cape Debt Clinic) before we could swat them away.

[Debtfree Team]






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