When Your Contact Details Change

When You Change Your Contact Info

It can be exciting to start a new job. Sure, it brings its own stress but also opportunities for advancement and better perks (like more pay so that you can get rid of your debt faster). It is common when starting a new job that your current email address will change to one that is attached to the company website. What should you remember to do when this happens and how can it impact on your debt review?

It is dangerous to assume that everyone will automatically know you have changed work and email addresses so, it is a good idea to make sure that you not only send out a message to your contacts from your old email that your address is changing but to set up an auto-reply with your new address (ask the IT guys before you leave).

It is also a good idea to make sure your Debt Counsellor has your new email address. Why not give them a call and chat and let them know telephonically?

When your Mobile Number Changes

Because we South Africans are so fond of pre-paid mobile services it is very common for people to change their numbers when they change networks (you can choose to port your number). If a better network offer comes along you may wish to quickly switch to the new network and may decide to simply get a new sim and number rather than port. Your phone may even have been stolen and then you decide to change networks and number. When this happens, be sure to let your family, friends, business contacts and also your Debt Counsellor know.

The Debt Counsellor may need to reach you in a hurry and you should not assume that if you sent the call centre number a WhatsApp or SMS with your new number that anyone there will have captured it on the system. Rather make sure you call in person and let them know.

It is not uncommon for Debt Counsellors to lose contact with their own clients making some aspects of the process both dangerous and difficult. Being out of contact for even a few hours can mean the difference between handling a situation or letting it get out of control and can threaten your assets.



Contractual Obligations

When you signed your credit agreements with your credit providers one of the common clauses is that if your contact info changes you will let them know (the same goes for your address). Be sure to notify them and don’t fall into the trap of thinking it is smart to try lose contact with them when you are struggling to make payments. It is not. If they send you vital legal documents you want those coming to your current residence and not to an old address where they go unattended.

one of the common clauses is that if your contact info changes you will let them know’

Your PDA

It is also important that if you do change your contact info that you let your Payment Distribution Agency (PDA). Every month they will try email you and or sms you information on the payments they have processed for you. So, if they have the wrong contact info they will simply be sending this rather important info to the wrong number or your old address. Do not assume that the Debt Counsellor will automatically let them know (though in most cases they should). Rather take care of this yourself. Double Check.

This will ensure that you are getting regular information about your payments each month. If you have recently stopped getting information about your payments, consider if you also recently changed contact info and whether you let them know.

When getting a new phone (and number) or changing networks or jobs there are many things that will be on your mind. Make sure that letting everyone know about the change is also on your list of to do’s.



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