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Winter is COMING...

Brrr! Ned Stark was right, and winter is here, and along with it comes those bone-chilling temperatures that make us want to hibernate like cozy bears. Especially when Eskom turns off the electricity left and right.

But here’s the problem:

Staying warm can be a money guzzler, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Don’t worry, though! We’ve got some sneaky tricks up our thermal sleeve to keep the Antarctic at bay without emptying your pockets. So, grab your favourite snuggly blanket and get ready for some budget-friendly, heat-seeking magic that’ll have you feeling toasty in no time.

Top Tips To Stay Toasty

It’s time to outsmart winter and show it whose boss, all the while, keeping those coins jingling in your pocket.

But how can you stay warm at this time of year without breaking the bank?

Let’s dive into our warm and wallet-friendly tips.

Be the Onion

When it comes to keeping yourself warm on a budget, one trick is to dress in multiple layers.

Rather than turn up the heater or add another log to the fire, why not first put on warm clothes and pile on multiple layers to trap your own body heat?

Try adding a vest or long sleeved top to your outfit. Throw on a thicker tracksuit top or jersey, and if that doesn’t work, put a blanket over your legs while you are sitting down.

Don’t forget your cosy socks and slippers, or rubber soled shoes to keep your feet off the cold floor. The floor can be an unseen enemy of staying warm. It is often a good idea to make your floors warmer by using rugs and carpets, but be prepared for the extra effort they require to clean.

If you work from a desk, and like to take your shoes off then consider finding a little something to put under your toes before they turn blue and fall off. A rug or even the cat’s scratchy toy will work just fine.

Oh, and if it gets super chilly, don’t forget to cover your head with a beanie, or warm scarf. Rather be a hot head than suffer from brain freeze.

Shut Up

It’s important to close that window if you want to keep the warmth inside.

Ventilation is nice and all that, but it can quickly lower the temperature in your home. Even a tiny gap in an isolated room can let cold air in throughout your place at a frightening rate. So, if you open a window, make sure to close it again promptly.

Also, be on the lookout for any sneaky draughts under doors or windows. Why not slide that door mat right up against the door frame or get one of those sand filled door stopper snakes (or make your own).

During the day, when the sun is shining, open your curtains to let the warmth in, but be sure to close them before the sun sets, to trap that heat inside.

The Heat is On

OK, let’s talk about heaters. Few things beat a nice warm heater bumping up the room temperature, except maybe a nice warm crackling fire.

But we all know that running a heater comes at a cost. Electricity can be quite pricey these days, so if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, consider using a gas heater.

Regardless of the type of heater you have, it’s normally best to heat the room and then retain the warmth instead of running it nonstop. Get it to the right temperature then hit that off switch.

‘Get it to the right temperature then hit that off switch’

You can also save energy by heating smaller areas, and closing doors to keep the warmth contained. Try warming the most frequently used space, or the space that you know will be in use when the chill sets in.

Go To Bed

When your parents used to tell you to go to bed, you probably viewed it as a punishment. When you get a bit older, your former punishment can turn into your end of day reward (or midday if you get a chance).

To keep warm at night, you can cuddle up with hot water bottles or briefly use an electric blanket before you get into bed. But remember, once you’re all nice and toasty, turn off the electric blanket. No need to slow cook yourself all night.

 Oh, and don’t forget to add an extra blanket on top of your bed for added warmth.

Inside Out

Did you know that warm food and drinks can help you stay warm on the inside?

So, whip up some delicious soups and stews to keep yourself cozy and satisfied.

If you find yourself feeling chilly, then why not make a cup of coffee or tea? You don’t have to keep running the kettle if you put some water in a flask when you first boil the kettle. If you are scared of too much caffeine turning you into scary mommy, then try some hot water, lemon and honey instead.

Jump around

It’s true that most of us put on a few extra kilos in the winter months, and come summer, we all moan about it.

Here’s a fun tip: a little exercise can actually warm you up! So, get moving, do a quick workout or some jumping jacks. Afterward, reward yourself with a warm shower, and then bundle up in your comfy layers to keep that warmth locked in.

You’re So Hot Right Now

Eskom hates winter as we all run around turning on the heaters and running the geysers all the time.

And when it comes time to pay the electricity bill, you might be in for a bit of a shocker this year. But remember, staying warm doesn’t have to break the bank.

Throw on some socks and an extra jersey, grab that cup of tea or coffee from the flask and sit under that extra blanket, or get active and warm up that way.

Why not try out some of these toasty tips to stay cosy this winter, all while being kind to your wallet?