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Free Marketing Budgeting Spread Sheet

A common complaint of many businesses is that they need more clients. This is even true of Debt Counsellors who would like to help more people with debt review. Though many people might need your services, the challenge is normally to get people to use you rather than someone else to help them with your service (or product). This is where the power of marketing comes in. If you want people to know who you are and what you do then you need to tell them. You cannot just do nothing and hope they will find you on their own.

Obviously, there are many ways to advertise your services. Online adverts on Facebook and Google ads may help, print adverts in fliers and newspapers could be the right thing for you. Maybe you need to incentivise your current clients to bring you new referral clients or it could even be going from door to door or presenting at meetings. Whatever method you choose you will want to have a budget which you can track to see how much you are spending.

‘you will want to have a budget which you can track to see how much you are spending’

Download the 2018 Free Marketing Budget Sheet

Thanks to some inspiration from our friends at Hubspot and with some editing to make things applicable to SA we are happy to provide you with a free Excel Spreadsheet which you can use to plan and track your marketing costs this year. The spreadsheet is easy to use and not industry specific so that you can use it for your business no matter what it is. The spreadsheet allows you to make projected budget expenses over the next 12 months, tracks your progress each month and quarter and then automatically makes some nice graphs for you to quickly and visually see how you are doing.

2018 Marketing Budget Template



Advertise in Debtfree Magazine

You may want to add in R100 each month to list your services in the Debtfree Magazine Service Directory Section at the back of each issue of the monthly magazine. Our thousands of readers may be looking for your services but not know how to find you.

Contact us to find out how you can qualify for a R300 discount on an annual Service Directory listing this year. Let people know who you are and how to contact you.



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