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1.3 Million People under 24 Years Old Are Unemployed

Young people leaving school face the daunting challenge of finding work. Almost half of them will struggle to find work. Recent stats discussed at Parliament revealed that there are currently 1.3 million unemployed youth in SA and over 1 Million young people have been sitting without work for over a year or more.

There are currently over 7 Million unemployed people in South Africa.

Recent Job Losses

Stats recently released showed that certain sectors of the economy have been hard hit by job losses including:

Construction: 87 000 jobs lost

Trade: 84 000 jobs lost

Private Households: 70 000 jobs lost

Transport: 40 000 jobs lost

Agriculture: 18 000 jobs lost

Other sectors were not as badly hit or even saw small gains but this means that 299 000 people lost work in the last few months and their families lost their contribution towards household expenses. Most of these job losses are directly attributed to the economic impact of the pandemic.

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