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NCR Briefing About NCA Sect 68 & PoPIA

On Monday the 11th of October the NCR are hosting 3 webinars for Debt Counsellors to discuss changes they are implementing about their communications processes and Sect 68 requirements for Debt Counsellors.

They say the webinars are not obligatory but will be beneficial to all who can attend. They have scheduled 3 sessions at 10 am, 11 am and 12 am via Teams.

Here are the links for those Debt Counsellors wishing to attend:

10 am

SESSION 1 LINK – Monday 11 OCTOBER 2021

11 am

SESSION 2 LINK – Monday 11 OCTOBER 2021


12 Noon

SESSION 3 LINK – Monday 11 OCTOBER 2021 @ 12H00:


There will also be a webinar held on Tuesday next week about NCA Section 86(10). More details about that on soon.