5 Ways To Keep Your Kids Busy While You Wait For School To Open

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Tips To Keep Them Busy

Deputy Minister of Basic Education Makgabo Reginah Mhaule confirmed in a media briefing on January 15th that schools in both the private and public sector will delay their opening dates by two weeks. Teachers are due to go back on the 1st of February but learners will only return on 15th February 2021.

‘we have come up with 5 cost-effective ideas to keep your kids entertained and safe throughout lockdown’

This is not exactly amazing news for countless parents who are working from home, juggling work and decreased salaries while still trying to homeschool their kids. Then there is the added burden of trying to keep your kids entertained and suitably enlightened under lockdown regulations without spending a fortune. This is no easy feat! So, we have come up with 5 cost-effective ideas to keep your kids entertained and safe throughout lockdown. You’re welcome. 


Indoor Treasure Hunt

Hide things around the house for your kids to find. Create a clue to find a location or item and then have the next clue waiting at that spot. Have a toy or treat waiting for them at the end. 

Want to play over several days? You can also reward them with points. Once they get a certain number of points over a period of time then they can get something like an item or a privilege/responsibility that they want. 


‘Earn’  Their Screen Time

Let them work for their screen time by either washing dishes, cleaning and/or vacuuming your car or cleaning a designated room in the house etc. This can delay the amount of time they spend on their devices and keep them active while they ‘earn’ their screen time. This will save you money at the car wash later on. 


Create an Obstacle Course

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned obstacle course? It is fun and helps burn off extra energy at the same time.

Include running, jumping, climbing, crawling,  swimming and balancing elements if you can. Set a timer and let them compete against their siblings and/or friends. If they don’t have siblings and you are avoiding having their friends over because of COVID, then you can humour them (and your spouse) by competing against them yourself. Who knows you may have as much fun as they do?


Create an Edible Garden

 Spend some quiet, quality time together creating a vegetable garden. If you don’t have an outside garden you can use containers and pots placed on windowsills or sunny spots around your house. This will also save you money when you get to eat all the stuff that you’ve planted. No matter how small the harvest, nothing is more rewarding than eating something (anything really) that you have grown yourselves. It can also help the kids appreciate their veggies for a change.


Podcasts for Kids

Yes, you heard right, podcasts for kids. Parents can check out available, suitable podcasts for your kids to enjoy. For example, Circle Round is created and produced by parents of young children. They have some great (and free) podcasts that could keep your kiddos entertained for hours and teach them good things at the same time. 


Keep Them Entertained & Retain Your Sanity

Yes, it’s certainly possible to keep your sanity and your kids entertained during lockdown at a minimal cost.

‘Yes, it’s certainly possible to keep your sanity and your kids entertained during lockdown at a minimal cost’

With some simple planning and some fresh new ideas, your kids could be keeping themselves occupied. They will learn new skills and be out of your ‘hair’’ which is ultimately a win-win situation for all.



Staff Writer:

Donna Holst


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