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Petrol Prices Begin To Rise Again

After months of people sitting at home due to lockdown, not spending what they did in the past on transport, things are beginning to shift again. More and more employers are asking staff to come to work at a physical office (hopefully with good Covid-19 precautions in place). This means more people on the roads.

It is said that Gauteng roads are perhaps the busiest with other cities like Cape Town still relatively quiet but countrywide people are hopping back into cars and moving around. Food and good are also being transported and so when we hear the cost of fuel is going up this means some pretty real-world knock-on effects as companies begin to look at what their transport costs are and how that affects the price of their goods or services.

The Energy Department has announced that, as expected, the price of petrol increases this month by 81 cents. Diesel will also increase in cost by around 59 Cents and Paraffin will also cost 59 cents more per litre.

The main reason cited for the fuel price increase is the +-8 cent average shift in Rand to Dollar exchange rate.