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Get Savvy & Save

How and what you eat can also impact a lot on how much you spend on food.

Check out these 6 savvy eating strategies.

Simplify Suppers

Opt for smaller, simpler meals. This will help you to not only save money but also time.

Embrace Meat Free Meals

Meat is one of the more costly food stuffs. So, try to incorporate some meatless options to cut down on expenses.

Pizza night anyone?

Soup and Rolls?


There are many great products out there that are both tasty, and affordable (like AFOODABLES)

Minimize Food Waste

Prioritize consuming items from the fridge and pantry before restocking.

Use what you have.

If you are not feeling creative enter the ingredients you have into Google and ask it what you can make with those items.

Make Some For Later

Prepare freezer-friendly meals ahead of time (meal prepping) to avoid costly last minute take-outs, or to help when preparation time is limited.

Consider Growing Your Own

Cultivate homegrown produce for cost-effective satisfaction. Food never tasted so good as when you grew half the ingredients yourself.

Lunchbox Leftovers

Utilize dinner leftovers for economical work and school lunches.