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Top Tips

Amidst the current financial pressure, it’s essential to stretch every rand when hitting the shops.

But retailers and grocery stores want you to spend lots with them. How do you visit the shops without breaking the bank?

Here’s some top tips on how you can shop smarter and spend less:

Hunt for the Best Deals

Ignore brands and focus on where you’ll find the best prices.

Keep tabs on specials and discounts across different stores.

Farmers Markets and Discounts

Check out farmers’ markets or local food markets for end of day discounts.

Look out for markdowns on nearing sell-by date stock.

Bulk Buying

Buying in bulk can save you funds, but always check if bulk purchases align with your actual needs and storage capacity.

Planning Pays Off

Plan your shopping trips to avoid overspending.

Track expenses on-the-go while you shop to stay within budget.

Online Shopping

Online shopping can help reduce impulse purchases.

Don’t forget to factor in delivery charges vs potential savings.

Coupons and Loyalty Points

Utilize coupons and loyalty programs sensibly to maximize savings, but don’t spend more just to get points.

Seasonal Shopping

Buy seasonal produce to cut costs.

Off-Brand Exploration

Explore store brands or no-name brands for competitive prices without compromising quality.

DIY Vs Convenience

Compare prices of pre-packed or pre-cut versus whole, loose items.

 Allocate a few extra minutes to DIY tasks to save on pre-packaged costs.

Don't Look Up

Retailers put expensive things at eye height, so beware of pricey items placed at eye level.

Scan shelves thoroughly for better deals.


Bring Your Own Bag

Carry reusable bags to avoid paying for packets.

Shopping on a Full Stomach

Avoid shopping while hungry to curb impulse buys. Snack first, shop later.

Every Rand Counts

Implementing some of these strategies may not totally revolutionize your shopping habits overnight, but even small changes can bring significant savings in the long run.

As inflation continues its relentless climb, mastering the art of savvy shopping becomes a skill you need. So, why not incorporate these top tips into your shopping routine and watch your savings grow?

Every rand counts.