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It Forces You To Make Needed Changes

When you are in a debt crisis it can be paralysing.

You might know that changes are needed but you probably don’t even have the budget or the leeway to put some of those changes in place.

Instead, you end up just cutting things out. Never doing more, always doing less. Less food, less insurance, less of everything.

That is a terrible way to live. It leaves you trapped in a shrinking cage with no room to make improvements. No mental bandwidth to do new things, or even to try new things.

You end up falling into bed for another sleepless night, exhausted at the end of every day. Too tired to do what you know in your heart is needed.


Entering debt review can be a mental (and emotional) fresh start. It can enable you to have more energy, more mental bandwidth, and more financial freedom to start to make the needed changes you have just not been able to.

That may be moving homes, starting a side hustle for extra cash, or maybe just getting back into doing a little exercise each day.

It provides a fresh chance to do more for a change, not less. To breath, to think, to plan and have hope.