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A Real Budget

We all know we should budget, but it is hard.

Especially when you simply do not have enough to pay your debt and cover your living costs. This is why we get stuck relying on credit, and spiralling into more and more debt.

As a result, making a budget was probably something you hated to do.

Once you enter debt review, your Debt Counsellor will go through your particular situation and try find a balance between what your credit providers want, and what your family really needs.

The idea is to make sure you can realistically cover the necessities (not luxuries of course). This would include all the things that you probably had to cut out of budgets in the past to try make ends meet.

That would be things like; saving for annual expenses, paying for things like car and TV licenses and having needed insurance.

Just knowing that a professional is going to give you a realistic figure that can work, is massive. It may mean a few changes to your lifestyle but having professional, experienced help is a huge relief.