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No More Collections Calls

When you owe money to credit providers and can’t pay what they want, they can really tighten the screws. SMS’, calls, emails, letters, you name it, they will do it.

It can be tiring to avoid phone calls, be scared to open letters or even hide your car at a neighbour’s house just in case the repo man comes around.

The reason why the mental pressure is so intense, is because it is designed to be that way. Your credit providers have had decades (even centuries) getting it right, they know how to apply the pressure.

The problem is, when you owe multiple people, and they all want their money at the same time, it is mathematically impossible to make them all happy.

When you enter debt review, the Debt Counsellor will send notices to all your credit providers, telling them to stop freaking out and pestering you. You are now making a plan through debt review to pay what you owe.

This results in an immediate decrease in pressure and an eventual stop in the collections process. It means, no more collections calls, no more harassing sms’ and emails. Just entering the process can see a 95% reduction in these calls in the first week or two.

It is like someone turned off a noisy generator that had been on in the same room with you, and suddenly you have peace for the first time in ages.

It’s amazing!


And for those last few collections calls that could still come through from time to time, you have the beautiful catch phrase: Talk to my Debt Counsellor.