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Industry Workshop

ABSA’s Distressed Customer Solutions team (who handle debt review matters) are hosting an online workshop on July 27th 2023.

All DCs and their staff are welcome.

The workshop will begin online via teams at 12 noon and run till around 4pm. So set aside the afternoon.

Meet The Team

If you work as a Debt Counsellor or do admin work at a Debt Counsellor’s practice, you will no doubt be familiar with many names of the ABSA team from emails.

Now, you can get to put a face to the name as during the workshop ABSA will introduce key team members and you can interact with them.

ABSA's Processes & Automation

How ABSA are automating and plugging into their own system and others will be one of the topics covered (around 2pm).

Quite exciting and one of the main focuses of the workshop will be how ABSA deal with various matters internally (their procedures).

They are “drawing back the curtain” to show you how they handle matters and why. This insight will better equip Debt Counsellors to handle various matters that come up and understand why they receive certain feedback from ABSA.

If you have been experiencing a problem area this will be the part of the workshop where you will be able to alert the ABSA team to the issues.


At 3pm there will be a chance for a question and answer session (and to answer questions that arose during the presentations). ABSA have set aside a full hour to handle this and that means plenty time so, no need to rush through things.

ABSA say that if you have any concerns (perhaps about specific matters or things that are happening repeatedly across several cases) this will also be where they can try to discuss them and look at options to perhaps solve them.

For more info contact ABSA or use this link on the day (at 12) :  ABSA WORKSHOP 27 July