Amending the National Credit Act [Download]

NCA Amendments – Debt Intervention

If you have heard all the ruckus about the Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry’s Proposed Bill to amend the National Credit Act but are still not sure what exactly is involved then you may want to download it and have a look.

The Bill introduces the concept of Debt Intervention which many fear will fail horribly and simply open the gateway for government to take over the function of all Debt Counsellors. It also looks to criminalise credit providers and debt counsellors for not reporting any possible cases of reckless credit. Since almost any credit might be reckless due to missed signatures or initials on contract pages etc this would mean having to report each other all the time turning the entire thing into a meaningless ‘he said, she said’ mess.

You can download the draft bill in it’s latest form here:

National Credit Amendment Bill Draft 6.2 (debt intervention)


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