Check Your Statement

Review Your PDA Statements

If you are in debt review and making payments via a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA) then you will be getting monthly statements from the PDA. This may differ somewhat from the figures your various credit providers have due to how and when they work out interest fees etc. but will give you a close idea of how your debt review is going.

When you receive these statements it is a good idea to look over them and compare them with the amounts as set out in your debt repayment court order proposal. If you see a big difference or something looks out of place then feel free to contact your Debt Counsellor and double check that the correct payment amounts are being made.

Just because you are using a PDA and just because you have the help of a Debt Counsellor doesn’t mean that mistakes will never happen. Debt Counsellors have hundreds of clients and do not automatically check on each consumer’s every payment, as made by the PDA.

If Your Contact Info Changes

It is vital that you inform your Debt Counsellor and the PDA if your email address or phone number changes as this is the information they use to send you information about your payments and projected balances.

14 comments on “Check Your Statement

    • Have you given your debt counsellor the correct contact details to share with your PDA?
      Please check.
      Also ask which PDA you use and then contact them directly and share your current contact info.

    • It is better to talk to (1) your Debt counsellor and PDA about your statements for the debt review payments and (2) your individual credit providers about their statements (knowing that these may need to be adjusted after they do some maths with your debt counsellor)

    • Please speak directly to your PDA and your Credit Providers (or use their app) as we don’t know how regularly they check this post and if they would have all your details.

    • Yes the PDA handle your money for you and the debt counsellor advises you and the court on how best to use your available funds. You need to ensure your PDA has your current email address and your current phone number. Your Debt Counsellor can help inform them. Just contact your Debt Counsellor and ask if they can inform the PDA.

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