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Annora Mostert on the Move


Well known Debt Counselling figure Annora Mostert has decided that she is ready for a change. She recently announced that she will be stepping down from DCASA leadership in the Western Cape where she has played an integral role over the last few years. The Western Cape has the second largest amount of Debt Counsellors in SA at the moment. Of the 3 Different Debt Counselling Associations, the province remains split mostly between DCASA and AllProDC. The BDCF have only recently begun working in the province (officially) and has the fewest members in the region.



Debtfree got to ask her a few questions about the change.


[Df] We have heard you have resigned from DCASA…Why?

One of my new year resolutions are to choose my battles. Certain battles are unavoidable, like climbing the next hills in our industry. There are critical decisions about the future direction of our industry to be made and I had to choose a forum who has the same questions, affinities and vision as I have.

[Df] Where are you going?

After much thought and soul searching I decided to move to BDCF. [The Black Debt Counsellors Forum]

[Df] What motivated your new choice?

I could not resist the open and honest modus operandi of this group. The agendas are clear and differences are embraced. Every opinion and every voice is valuable and different opinions are properly negotiated and respected. I mostly agree with the vision of the way forward and we are in full agreement that the needs and rights of the debt counsellors as well as the development of the industry must be the priority. We cannot assist consumers effectively if we cannot improve the quality of our services and raise the level of professionalism in the industry. This require a lot of uphill battles. To quote Mr Mandela: I do not care if a cat is black or white, as long as it can catch a rat. 

[Df] What role will you be playing at your new association?

I will be very involved in developing the Western Cape region and serving the needs of the debt counsellors in the Western Cape. I will however also be involved in the planning and rolling out of national programmes. Practical training of debt counsellors will have very high priority. Assessing and formulating the needs of debt counsellors to present to the NCR’ Credit Industry Forum will also have high priority.

[Df] Any hard feelings?

None whatsoever. It is all a matter of choosing your partners according to your own style, beliefs and visions. Burning bridges and making enemies is a bad strategy.

[Df] What did you like most about being a DCASA member?

I have thoroughly enjoyed my role as the Western Cape representative. The members are the most amazing group of people and it was only a pleasure serving their needs.

[Df] What did you like least (at DCASA)?

The exclusion of those who could not afford the full membership from voting and the stagnant leadership.

[Df] Do you feel you will be able to work in co operation with DCASA about important DC matters in the future?

Without question.

DCASA have made the following comment:

DCASA small logoAnnora has been on the DCASA NEC and Western Cape Chair for just less than 4 years and she has played an important, constructive and leading role in the DCASA NEC and DCASA Western Cape. During this period Annora has donated a massive amount of her time and resources to DCASA and the Debt Counselling Industry.  This is in fact a key requirement for all DCASA NEC members.

Annora informed DCASA that she re-assessed her personal and business commitments which compelled her to resigned as the Chairperson of the Western Cape. DCASA is very grateful for the hard work, time, energy and inspiration from Annora over the least 3 years.