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Debt Review Awards 2020 Update

The annual Debt Review Awards 2020 process has been underway for several months. Each month different NCR registered parties are asked (in batches) to evaluate their colleagues on the opposite side of the industry. Debt Counsellors evaluate Credit Providers, Credit Providers evaluate PDAs etc).

As we enter the last few months of the process many of the largest credit providers will have the chance to weigh in on the performance of Debt Counsellors. Many Debt Counsellors will also have the chance to now complete more detailed peer reviews about various credit providers.

The Criteria

The reviews will look at individual steps in the debt review process such as providing documents within industry timelines, clarity and ease of communication, standards of proposals or counter proposals and even what happens at a court level or the end of the process (for more info on specific criteria head over to the website).

As usual, the Debtfree Magazine team are helping carry some of the organizing weight, with the help of many others and look forward to the culmination of the event: the Debt Review Awards Gala.

‘This year the Awards Gala is going to be held in Cape Town during July’

This year the Awards Gala is going to be held in Cape Town during July. Debt Counsellors, PDAs, Attorneys, Credit providers, Insurance providers and Government representatives will be invited to attend the modest red carpet event. There are also provisions for remote speakers and guest to attend and enjoy the action on the night (especially with possible disruptions from the global Covid-19 epidemic).

If you would like to attend please contact: