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NCR Webinar For March 2020

The National Credit Regulator (NCR) has been actively trying to engage with Debt Counsellors across SA via webinars to try to assist them with various aspects of the debt review process and the NCR’s guidelines. This month, the NCR webinar(s) are focusing in on the portal that Debt Counsellors use to capture consumer information regarding debt review.

NCR Debt Help

The online portal is used by Debt Counsellors to capture consumer’s information when they apply for debt review. The NCR, in turn, has taken on the NCA required obligation to update the credit bureaus about consumers debt review status. Over the years the portal has been through some ups and downs with a variety of programmers coming and going and desperately needed changes being slowly implemented to improve the system. At present, the system is much more visual and easier to use than ever before with many colours, easily recognisable buttons and design features.

The NCA requires Debt Counsellors to perform this function (if they are physically able) and it is a requirement of registration with the NCR for all Debt Counsellors.

This week’s webinar covered just the basics and lasted only 20 minutes. It covered signing in, which buttons to push in regard to uploading new consumers and editing current consumers. There will be a second webinar on the topic next week with some more in-depth information about reports.

If you wish to listen in on that webinar and are a registered Debt Counsellor you can contact Timmy at the NCR for access.