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DO You Want To BEcome a Debt Counsellor Cont.

Payment Distribution Agencies handle the money side of debt review, and are part of the National Credit Act.

They are regulated by the NCR and audited by them non-stop to ensure they are keeping consumers’ money safe.

There are currently 4 NCR registered Payment Distribution Agents (PDAs).

They are:

CollectNet PDA

DC Partner PDA


Hyphen PDA

Since most Debt Counsellors encourage consumers to make use of a PDA to handle the payment side of things (and all new Debt Counsellors sign terms and conditions of registration that require them to receive funds from clients via a PDA) you will probably work with one or more of these PDAs.

Which PDA you use will normally go hand in hand with which software package you end up using to plan and help execute consumer debt repayments (the front end systems).