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Front End Software

Which PDA you use will normally go hand in hand with which software package you end up using to plan and help execute consumer debt repayments.


Simplicity is a comprehensive Debt Review front end system with a focus on providing a complete platform to manage the Debt Review process.

The core focus of the system is accurate calculations of proposals and plans and a streamlined integration with Hyphen PDA to manage the collection and distribution of consumer collections (based upon the payment plans submitted to Hyphen PDA). The integration with Hyphen PDA allows the user of the system to manage the different collection channels (including Debicheck) as well as the status of the collection.

Users also have the ability to quickly react to unsuccessful collections and take action on it swiftly. With this focus it allows users to easily maintain successful collection rations higher than 85% on their overall collection book.

Simplicity currently integrates with Hyphen PDA


Maximus is a complete Debt Counselling Software system available for Debt Counsellors to efficiently navigate through every step of the Debt Counselling process.

Maximus is process driven, created to follow the debt review process from Form 16 to Clearance Certificate, process compliant to ensure that the debt review process is complete in the correct sequence and on time. NCR Task Team Guidelines complaint, Full DCRS integration with instant response, Automated Consumer updates via sms or email, automated document sending to Credit Providers and consumers, seven possible repayment plans, from DCRS to Court Plan, NCR withdrawal guideline process.

Maximus currently integrates with Hyphen PDA and iPDA.


Finwise is an all-inclusive Debt Management System and is designed for efficient debt data management.

The Finwise system is linked to a registered payment distribution agency (DC Partner PDA) and operates in accordance with the NCA and Regulations, fortifying compliance.

Finwise is web based, and can be used on any mobile device, PC, or tablet. The workflow saves the user valuable time, through multiple consumer data reporting and easy management.

 Several integrations such as Legasys, iDOCS, DReX, DCRS facilitate effortless administering and handling of multiple transactions and tasks within one system. Debt Review is a legal process with important time frames and the task manager assists the user with reminders to keep track of important tasks.

Consumers can obtain monthly statements through the consumer portal.

You might think that such a sophisticated and well-developed system comes at a price, but the system can be used at no cost.  For more info sign-up here .


Debt Cloud is the front end system integrated with CollectNet PDA.