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Change At Consumer Friend

Consumer Friend is an award-winning service provider that many credit providers use to help them with their debt review. They are a sort of outsourced debt review department that credit providers can use to assist with all their debt review related matters under a mandate.

They are industry leaders in their field and are well respected in the industry for their fast turn around times and eagerness to communicate and engage with Debt Counsellors. This month they ran the latest in a series of webinars*.

‘The Webinar ended with an big announcement by Mr Justin vd Linde’

The Webinar ended with a big announcement by Mr Justin vd Linde who has worked with the organisation for around 15 years. He announced that he will be moving on to other opportunities as of the end of April 2021.

This is a big change as many debt counsellors interact with Justin daily and have experienced his expertise and quick response times for many years now. At the same time, Justin highlighted the role that technology is now playing (ie. the DReX system) in helping consumers and Debt Counsellors quickly access necessary documentation and information.

Justin received the ONE Significant Contribution to Debt Review Award in 2019 when he was recognised by his peers (both credit provider and debt counsellor) and being a positive force for good in the industry. He also  mentioned that Debt Counsellors will be able to communicate with the highly experienced and familiar Chantell Rousseau at Consumer Friend in the future.

‘The Debtfree Team wish Justin the best with his coming endeavours’

The Debtfree Team wish Justin the best with his coming endeavours and hope to cross paths again in the future. We also wish Chantell the best with the many exciting emails she is about to start receiving daily.

A Picture of Justin and the Consumer Friend Team at the 2019 Debt Review Awards Gala.



*We will feature more information about the webinar, along with downloads, shortly.