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Debt Review Awards

Each year the Debt Review industry engage in an industry-wide peer review of those they work with regularly. The results are audited and compiled and announced on the evening of the Debt Review Awards Gala.  This year the Gala is happening in Cape Town on the 2nd of June.

During the Peer Review, participants are asked to sign up to be eligible for an award. Those who do not sign up may be evaluated but would not be in line for an award (even if they received the highest ratings). The NCR database of registrants is used as the original source of possible candidates.

 The Peer Review

The Peer Review is conducted online via survey software and all industry role players who are registered with the NCR can participate.  There are thousands of NCR registrants both credit providers and Debt Counsellors (as well as 3 PDAs). Registrants are invited to participate via industry associations, the Debtfree Magazine, Industry Forums and online groups, as well as, via emails both from the organizers and PDAs.

‘Each participant is asked to evaluate some of their peers on the other side of the industry’

Each participant is asked to evaluate some of their peers on the other side of the industry (eg. Banks would review Debt Counsellors, not other banks).

Because there are such a large number of registrants, the workload in the early stages of the process can be shared among the crowd. As the process progresses, some companies and individuals begin to get more ‘points’ in the review than others by getting rated higher than others in their category. These are then moved into a higher tier to be considered by participants again. This process is repeated as needed until a clear group of top 10 possible winners in each category are identified. Some groups have a smaller pool of candidates.  For example, there are less than 30 banks in SA or only a few organizations who offer vehicle finance. This speeds the process in these categories.

Ultimately, participants from the other side of the industry get to evaluate the top 10 candidates and a top 5 and eventual winner are identified based on their ratings averaged across all the participants. The results are then announced at the Awards Gala in the various categories.



Top 5 Scoring Companies

Top 10 Scoring possible candidates

Short list of possible candidates who are registered with the Awards

All NCR registered possible candidates are eligible to be considered and ultimately win

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