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Debt Review Awards 2018 – Register To Win

Each year Debt Counsellors, Credit Providers and Payment Distribution Agents participate in an industry-wide Peer Review. This allows members of the industry (who are registered with the NCR to rate their colleagues on the opposite side of the industry. Over the last while registrants have been asked to comment and give input. Now the process is entering a new stage as the many different registrants are slowly pared down to a few possible candidates in each different size and type category.

For example, this year there are 5 different size categories for Debt Counsellors to be considered in. This allows companies of the same type and size to be compared to each other. This avoids the situation where a large firm and small firm could be compared. That wouldn’t be a fair or realistic comparison. Rather “apples” are compared with “apples” and “oranges” with “oranges”.


Sign Up To Win

The peer review allows NCR registered parties to weigh in on how their compatriots are doing even if those firms do not sign up. However, if these firms do not sign up then according to the Terms & Conditions of the Peer Review it could exclude those firms from winning an award. If you are an NCR registrant then you should sign up to ensure that you are not only evaluated but could then qualify to win.

‘if these firms do not sign up then … it could exclude those firms from winning an award’

Sign Up and Be Added To The Free Online Database

NCR registered Debt Counsellors who participate can ensure that their contact information is shared with interested consumers looking for help by participating. Participants have their information listed on the www.debtreviewawards.co.za website.

Each year the results of the peer review are announced on the evening of the Debt Review Awards Gala. This year the gala will be held in Cape Town on the 2nd of June. Debt Counsellors who would like to attend can already begin to talk to their associations about tickets. Each association is provided with a number of seats for members.




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