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Working in the debt counselling industry is hard but rewarding work, both for Debt Counsellors and credit providers.

The industry offers financially stressed consumers a dignified and realistic way to deal with their debts.

For the past 10 years the Debt Review Awards has been the place where that hard work and excellence has been publicly recognised.

This year marks the 10th annual Debt Review Awards, where the results of an industry peer review will be announced, identifying which credit providers, Debt Counsellors, Attorneys and Payment Distribution Agencies have been highly rated by their peers.

How Does It Work?

Throughout the year in small bite size reviews, Debt Counsellors of various sizes get a chance to review how their peers, on the credit provider side of the industry, are doing.

At the same time, the various credit providers get to do the same about Debt Counsellors.

The results of these, ever more detailed, peer reviews are compiled into an overall report, which reflects which practices and credit providers have received the most consistent highest ratings.

Both Debt Counsellors and credit providers also review the Payment Distribution Agents (PDAs) they regularly interact with.

A computer does all the calculation, and the results are audited.

The Debt Review Awards Gala 2023

This year, the Awards will be held in person in Gauteng.

Debt Counsellors who have been nominated as part of the Top 50, as well as Credit Providers, PDAs, attorneys, consumers and government representatives will attend.

The Gala will be held on Friday the 20th of October 2023.

The entire event, and more will be livestreamed to YouTube, so that those who are situated elsewhere in the country can also attend virtually, at no charge.

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Many credit providers and Debt Counsellors arrange to have the event screened at their offices so that the staff can watch the speeches, presentations and find out who the highest rated are in the various categories.

New Certificates & Award

We are happy to announce that this year, we will finally be able to give some recognition to the hard working legal minds who assist with debt review.

Recognition will be given to one legal practices representing Debt Counsellors and one representing credit providers. We will also be able to identify an individual in the legal field who has had a significant impact on the industry.

We are very excited that we are able to do so this year.

4th Quarter Peer Reviews

If you are a Debt Counsellor or credit provider who is officially registered with the NCR, then you can participate in the peer reviews.

If you have changed your contact details, or are worried that email invites to participate are being sent to your “general” inbox (rather than directly to you) then please feel free to let the Debt Review Awards Peer Review Team know:

They can update your details, and ensure that you get to take part in the final and most detailed reviews. Reviews can take from 3 min to 30 mins (depending on how detailed you are prepared to review). Every review is an important part of the process.

Keep an eye out for emails from the Debt Review Awards team, your Debt Counsellors association or your PDA as they may include links to participate.

Sponsors & Supporters

Each year, we receive incredible support from the various Debt Counsellor and credit provider associations like DCASA and MFSA.

We want to send a big thank you to all those who take the time to complete reviews (long and short) and who get involved. It is, after all, your reviews that help identify those who are doing a great job.

We also want to thank brands like Hyphen PDA, ONE, Capital Data and DC Partner PDA who help us cover costs associated with the entire process from software to venue hire and catering. Your generosity reflects how dedicated you are to making the industry work.

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