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Editor's Note

I have the privilege of helping the team who work on the annual Debt Review Awards.

They are all a hard working group of volunteers who put in so much time and effort to ensure that things run smoothly.

So, to them I say:

Thanks and well done on getting us to year 10. Amazing!

We have some info about the Awards in this issue. If you have never heard of them before, think of it as the… Oscars of debt review.

Some Debt Counsellors are ‘Barbie’ and others are ‘Oppenheimer’. Either way they might be in line for recognition from their peers this year.

The Awards gala is going to be held in JHB this year and the gala will be livestreamed (on YouTube) so, be sure to check out all the details and tune in. You won’t see Margo Robbie or Cillian Murphy, but maybe you will see your Debt Counsellor or colleague getting recognised for their hard work this year.

Someone who works closely with Debt Counsellors recently told me that they really respect Debt Counsellors for the noble work they do, helping consumers.

He was quick to add that he was not willing to try and actually work as a Debt Counsellor.

That’s because it is a LOT of work to be a Debt Counsellor and yes, it comes with many challenges. To date, more than 4200 different people have given it a go, of that group, only 1649 are still registered with the NCR. Which means that roughly 60% of people who have become Debt Counsellors, eventually give up.

That’s quite an eye opener.

‘roughly 60% of people who have become Debt Counsellors, eventually give up’

So, what does it take to become a successful Debt Counsellor? What kind of info should you know, before you decide to give it a go? After all, it takes time, money and effort to qualify, and that’s just the start. Then you need to find clients and do the actual work.

Have you thought about it?

Would you make a good Debt Counsellor?

Could you help people who are facing financial strain?

We hope to help you answer these questions with a brief look at the various aspects of being a Debt Counsellor, and how to operate a successful practice. Check it out and see if it might be for you.

We also catch up with relevant news, tips, advice and more to do with finance, managing your debt, and being over indebted with the goal of becoming debt free.

We hope that you enjoy the issue with a glimpse behind the scenes at what it takes to become a Debt Counsellor. If you are a consumer in debt review, it can help you have a fresh perspective on the effort that your Debt Counsellor puts in behind the scenes.

If you are thinking about becoming a Debt Counsellor then we hope it helps you finalise your decision one way or another. With millions of South Africans going through some of the toughest financial times of their lives right now, perhaps you have what it takes to help them become debt free.