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The Peer Reviews for 2023 have now come to a close.

The auditing team will now take over, and we can all look forward to some excitement in the days ahead.

At the start of October, we will announce the Top 10 in the different Debt Counsellor size categories. We will also learn the names of the Top 10 candidates in the Technology Adoption category, which is brought to us by Slipstream Technology.

The Top 5 and ultimate highest rated will be announced on the day of the Debt Review Awards Gala.

This year, the Gala is being held during the day (Friday afternoon) so that all who wish, can tune in via live streaming (on YouTube) and watch the festivities.

Guests from across the country will put on their fancy clothes and gather to hear the results in the Sandton area (Gauteng) this year.

The Awards Gala is being held on Friday the 20th of October 2023 

Watch the Live Stream

With over 80 different candidates, seats at the venue quickly fill up.

But don’t be disappointed if you are not able to attend in person.  In an effort to make the event available to as many people as possible, the Awards will once again be live streamed via YouTube.

Sign up to the channel so long to get notifications when we go live on the 20th

Countrywide, both Debt Counsellors and credit providers offices arrangements will be made (incl. with the IT dept who control YouTube access) to watch the speeches, presentations and Award announcements live.

Many offices make arrangements for refreshments, team photographs and even their own internal staff awards for the same day.

Industry Pre-Show

On Friday the 20th of October, just before the start of the Awards Gala, extra industry specific content has been prepared for those who work in debt review.

This includes presentations from the NCR, NCT, various credit providers such as Nutun, Old Mutual and service providers such as DCCP.

There will also be some current industry updates and information about what is happening at CIF as we catch up with DCASA and ABSA.

With the inclusion of a new legal section in the Awards this year, there will also be discussions about what makes a “good” attorney and advice for both consumers and Debt Counsellors when working with attorneys.

The Industry Pre Show will also be streamed over YouTube and will run from 12 Noon on the same day (Friday, 20th October). All senior staff at the various Credit Providers and Debt Counsellors offices are invited to tune in for the Pre Show.

Sign up to the channel so long to get notifications when we go live on the 20th

The DC|CP Meet Up

Debt Review Awards is working closely with Nutun, ABSA, DCCP, DCASA and others service providers to bring Debt Counsellors and credit providers together on the 19th of October. This is on the day prior to the Debt Review Awards Gala.

ABSA Are hosting a linked workshop on Thursday morning. 

(9:30am – 1:30pm)

Then in the afternoon from 2pm NUTUN have generously made a venue available in Sandton, and arrangements are being made to invite both local Debt Counsellors and those who are traveling up to the Awards (on the 20th) to this ancillary event.

The DC|CP Meet Up presents Debt Counsellors the chance to engage directly with senior staff from various credit provider debt review departments. It is a chance for both sides of the industry to meet and put a face to the names they see so often in emails or voices they hear on the phone.

There will be speeches, presentations, engagements sessions, a panel discussion and opportunities to network during the 4 hour function (and food, there will be snacks and drinks, don’t worry).

There will be a dedicated space on the day for those wishing to register on or update information on the various industry portals as well as chances to meet with various service providers to the industry such as the PDAs, software providers and insurance providers.

Representatives from the NCT, BASA and both DCASA and the NDCA will attend and be available to engage with attendees.

Seats are limited so if you would like to attend please email:


The Debt Review Awards would like to say thank you to our generous sponsors who help make the event possible each year.

A Special Thanks To

Hyphen PDA

DCCP | Capital Data

FNB | Consumer Friend  | ONE

We also wish to thank

ABSA | DC Partner  

iPDA | Nedbank | Steyn Coetzee | Old Mutual

And we want to also thank all those who participated in the reviews this year. All the BASA, MFSA, DCASA, NDCA members and all the other DCs out there. This process reflects your voice. We look forward to learning the results of the reviews on the 20th of October 2023.