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Talk About It

Find someone to discuss your debt situation with.

Someone who you can be totally honest with about your situation and the feelings you have.

If that’s not family or friends, why not a Debt Counsellor who is trained to help?


Review Your Spending Again

Even if you have made a budget in the past and have adjusted your spending, things change over time.

Prices go up and (good news) new cheaper options do also become available.

So, review your spending and make needed changes to free up funds for essentials and dealing with debt. A few changes can go a long way.


Confront The Problem

This is no time to hide your head in the sand.

Rather, figure out your actual situation (write everything down and use a calculator) and then speak to either your credit providers or a Debt Counsellor.

Also, it can be good to inform your family (with age appropriate details for the kids) of your situation and the plan you have of how to deal with it.


Do Something

Doing nothing will not help you feel better.

Get up and get out and about. Avoid shopping for fun. Avoid any more new accounts. Rather try other activities. Why not start doing a little exercise? Why not take the dog for a walk?

Fresh air and some activity can really boost your feelings.

Focus On The Good

Focus on the good things in your life rather than fixate on the challenges you face.

If you take stock of your entire situation (once you have made a plan to deal with your debt) you will quickly realise there is lots of good in your life, including your family and friends.