Debt Review Awards Gala Date Announced

Debt Review Awards Gala

The date of the 2017 annual Debt Review Awards gala has been announced. This year the event will happen in Gauteng on the evening of the 10th of June 2017. Attendance at the red carpet event is by invitation only.

The Gala evening is the culmination of a months long peer review into the industry, where each side of the industry evaluates the other in an effort to identify who is doing well. The event is now in it’s fourth year and helps the industry identify those who are taking a lead.  On the evening the winners, as well as, Top 5 in various categories are announced.

One of the hotly contested awards is that of National Debt Counselling Firm which has been won in the past by such firms as Debt Rescue, Debt Busters and Debt Safe. Also up for consideration is the other end of the spectrum namely Boutique Debt Counselling Firm – firms with a smaller client base. Credit providers too are evaluated in the Peer Review. Each category is evaluated online and results are tabulated and audited to ensure fairness.

Though the event is not lavish the guests come dressed to the nines and looking their best to either collect awards or congratulate those who do. Debtfree Magazine will provide extensive coverage of the event and the process.



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