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Debt Review Awards Results (Credit Providers)

The top Credit Providers in each credit provider category were identified at the annual Debt Review Awards Show on September 11th.

During the online Debt Review Awards show (which was streamed via YouTube) the results of the industry wide peer review were announced including those credit providers recognised for excellence in the debt review process.

Top Credit Providers

Different credit providers offer different forms of credit and many specialise in their offerings. Others, like the banks, cross over into multiple forms of credit offerings.

This year Standard Bank had a very strong showing taking 3 of the Credit Provider categories.

This year also saw the introduction of a new category recognising excellence during the Covid-19 Pandemic which was taken by FNB.

Here are the names and some short clips of the announcements:

Short Term Credit Provider

Winner: Direct Axis


Retail Credit Provider

Winner: Consumer Friend (on behalf of their clients in this category)


Large Non-Bank Credit Provider

Winner: Old Mutual Finance


Vehicle Finance Credit Provider

Winner: Standard Bank (SBSA)


Banks: Unsecured Credit

Winner: Standard Bank (SBSA)


Bank: Secured Credit

Winner: Standard Bank (SBSA)


NEW: Covid-19 Excellence

This year saw the introduction of this new Award during the pandemic.

Winner: FNB



Most Improved Credit Provider Debt Review Department

The Most Improved Credit Provider Debt Review Department this year was identified by Debt Counsellors taking part in the peer review as:

Winner: African Bank

Congratulations to all those credit providers who were so highly rated by Debt Counsellors. There are over 8000 different credit providers registered with the National Credit Regulator so to be recognised by their peers (in this case the Debt Counsellors) for their hard work and efforts is quite an accomplishment.

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