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Debt Review Awards Results (Debt Counsellors)

The Top 5 Debt Counsellors in each size category were identified at the annual Debt Review Awards Show on September 11th.

The annual Debt Review Awards results show was held on September 11th via live stream on YouTube. Hundreds from across the industry were able to log in online and enjoy the show virtually.

One of the much anticipated aspects of the show is to hear the results of the industry peer review and particularly who among the Debt Counsellors is being recognised for all their hard work throughout the year (and what a year it has been).



Top 5 Debt Counsellors

There are various size practices of Debt Counsellors. Each brings a slightly different focus to their work. Smaller practices give the familiar friendly touch, while larger practices bring the efforts of many different counsellors and support staff working on a single matter. Medium practices try to balance both aspects. The fact that there are different size practices is recognised during the peer reviews and the Awards are announced in 5 size categories.

Here they are, along with the Top 5 named practices in each size, along with the highest rated. We have included some video clips of the announcements from the Debt Review Awards show to give you a taste of the suspense and action at the show.

Boutique Debt Counsellors

Top 5 in alphabetical order:

  • The Money Clinic (NCRDC256) Alan Manshon
  • Johan Wepener Debt Counsellors (NCRDC114) Johan Wepener
  • Streamline Debt Counselling (NCRDC1963) Petra Swanepoel
  • LM Debt Counselling Services (NCRDC2738) Loshini Pillay
  • Garden Route Debt Counsellors (GRDC) (NCRDC1196) Lee Lombard

Winner in this category:

  • Alan Manshon

Small Debt Counsellors

Top 5 in alphabetical order:

  • Consumer Debt Support (NCRDC2452) Annienne Nel
  • Debt Grip & Debtability (NCRDC1589) Martin Snyman
  • Mabcor Financial Services (NCRDC118) Corrie Gouws
  • Master Your Money (NCRDC1356) Shaun Zeelie
  • SA Debt Help (NCRDC418) Awie Coetzee

Winner in this category:

  • Shaun Zeelie

Medium Debt Counsellors

Top 5 in alphabetical order:

  • Eugene Cilliers –Payplan Solutions
  • Leana Van Wyk – Debt Wise Group
  • Russell Dickerson – RD Debt Counselling
  • Susan Strydom -Debt Review Centre
  • Tania Dekker – Debt Free with Armani

Winner in this category:

  • Russell Dickerson – RD Debt Counselling

Large Debt Counselling Practice

Top 5 in alphabetical order:

  • DCGsa

Winner in this category:

  • Consumer Debt Help

National Debt Counselling Practice

Top 5 in alphabetical order:


Winner in this category:

  • National Debt Advisors (NDA)

NEW: Covid-19 Excellence

This year saw the introduction of this new Award during the pandemic. Because the pandemic broke half way through the peer review process, new questions had to be added to the peer reviews and a separate award category was decided on to help present as fair a reflection of how people were reacting to the challenges created.


The Winner of the Award for 2020:

National Debt Counsellors (NDC)

Congratulations to all 50 identified Debt Counsellors this year as well as the Top 5 in each size and highest rated. Be sure to visit for more info.