Debtfree Magazine – Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note

As people enjoy the last of the long weekends, for a while, and those in the winter rainfall areas give a sigh of relief that finally some rain is falling to keep the drought at bay you may be excused for thinking that all is well in SA. After all, the NCR report that bad debt has reduced quite a bit recently and we have seen some good performance by the Rand and relief from ratings agencies. These positive factors have been enjoyed by all and lift the spirits despite the cold but at the same time we see people on strike, people rioting, food companies being investigated and new taxes and levies pushing up the cost of everyday items and services. It is a real mix of the good with the bad. A lot of life is like that. You just have to deal with the negative, while focusing on the positive.

Even debt review is somewhat like that. The process helps consumers pay off their debt in a reasonable manner and relieves much of their former debt stress. At the same time, it does bring some limitations and legal ramifications and restrictions. The good news is that the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

In this issue, we get ‘back to basics’ and talk about how debt review works and how it benefits consumers. The online version of the magazine is somewhat similar to a special print edition of the magazine that is available via the Payment Distribution Agents at present. So, if you are a Debt Counsellor please feel free to ask them if you can have some copies for your clients and potential clients.

This issue we also discuss some tips and the latest news surrounding the industry, including the industry-wide online peer review which is wrapping up in the next few weeks. Next issue we will let you know all the results of the annual Debt Review Awards. For more info so long you can head to

If you are thinking about entering debt review, then this issue should help you make a decision. If you are already in the process then we hope that the reminders in this issue help you see how well you are doing and how you are progressing through the process.

Getting out of debt is, admittedly, not as much fun as getting into debt but it is far more significant in your life. True, the process has its ups and downs; a mix of the good and not so good but at the end of the day you will benefit greatly in all aspects of your life as a result. So, focus on the positive of dealing with your debt rather than hiding from it and before you know it you will soon be debt free.

This article is taken from the Recent issue of Debtfree Magazine. You can read it here on the site for free READ IT NOW

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