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Peer Reviews End – Last Chance To Participate

As the Peer Reviews for 2021/2022 Debt Review Awards come to a close the results will soon be audited and closed off.

The Annual Debt Review Awards peer review process allows credit providers a chance throughout the year to review the performance of various Debt Counsellors. In return Debt Counsellors get to review how the credit providers have been doing over time.

Many hands make light work and a few clicks every now and then by the many NCR registered parties in the industry enables a lot of work to be done easily.

The Audit Team are now busy with the reviews and will have the results ready to be announced on the 30th of September at the Annual Debt Review Awards Show.

‘The Audit Team are now busy with the reviews and will have the results ready to be announced on the 30th of September’

The show will be held in Cape Town this year with a small live audience and be live streamed onto YouTube for those further away to enjoy.

The Live stream will begin at noon with some warm up interviews and chats and then the Awards section will commence at 3pm – 4pm.

Credit Providers and Debt Counsellors across the country are able to set up a viewing for their teams to enjoy (before home time on a Friday). Many will get dressed up or hold their own internal staff recognition “awards” or serve some snacks and treats. Something a little different from the norm as the results of the peer reviews are announced.

Never Got To Participate This Year?

It might be that due to spam filters or incorrect email addresses (or even large corporate inboxes that do not filter emails) links to participate might get lost along the way. Sometimes life is hectic and you may simply have been distracted after getting a invite and then forgotten to click through later.

If you are a NCR registered party and did not click any peer reviews over the last few month then you have a chance to complete a review on Friday 9th September.

Simply email:

After checking on your NCR credit provider or Debt Counsellor registration you will get the chance to participate and have your say.

The organizers value the participation of the hundreds of Debt Counsellors and Credit providers who have participated. No one should be missed out!

So, please do send an email if you did not get to participate.