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Debt Review Awards 2022

We would like to include as many people as possible to be part of the Debt Review Awards Show this year.

We are going to make a slideshow of portraits of all the wonderful people who work in our industry.  We are going to compile them, and play the slideshow before and after the awards, as well as posting it on our Instagram page @debtreviewawards.

If your team would like to tune in to watch the Debt Review Awards Show on Friday 30th September, please subscribe to this YouTube Channel

We would love to have everybody in your department participate.Please follow the guidelines (above and below) and submit your pics via email:


Please submit as soon as possible, with the cut-off date being Friday, 16 September 2022.  PS: By submitting your photo, you are thereby granting us permission to use it.

We look forward to receiving your portraits!

Debt Review Awards Team

For more information about the Debt Review Awards head over to: