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Petrol Price Increase Coming

After a few recent petrol price cuts, the next round of dreaded increases has begun.

Conflict Drives Higher Prices

With political upheaval in the Middle East comes petrol price increases.

This has always been the case and with some shipping lines currently being disrupted due to conflicts we are now starting to feel the effects of an increase in Brent Crude prices.

As a result, it is expected that petrol prices may look like this in Feb:

Petrol 93: Will go up by at least 21 cents per litre

Petrol 95: Will go up by at least 19 cents per litre

Diesel 0.05%: Will go up by at least 21 cents per litre

Diesel 0.005%: Will go up by at least 15 cents per litre

These prices are set to creep up higher as/if the Rand weakens or the US Dollar strengthens. Already predictions made a week ago have shifted higher and we have a little while to go still till the start of Feb.

The coming price increase will take effect on the 7th of February.