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Debtfree will be holding the second in a series of workshops for Debt Counsellors aimed at helping guests build stronger businesses.

Want To Attend?

The coming Debtfree DC Workshop will be held on Thursday at 3pm – 3:30pm over Zoom. Guests are welcome to register in advance (there are limited spots) by emailing:

Those who register will receive the link and some additional information in advance. There may even be some homework to look over before joining this week.

What To Expect

The workshops focus on two common industry challenges (1) getting new clients and (2) keeping existing clients in the process.

Though many other challenges exist in the industry these are common challenges (for most businesses in all fields actually).

The upcoming meeting will feature some talking points about building a more sustainable practice, a session with a credit provider debt review department and some technical IT advice from a long time Debt Counsellor.

As always, admission is free all that is required is to book your seat in advance.