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ADR-Network SA is running their final five-day Mediation training next week. This presents those with the desire to become certified mediators with the chance to complete the training this year and end 2021 as a qualified mediator.

Mediation is becoming ever more popular and is being promoted by the South African court system (which is swamped and would like to see people resolving serious disputes outside of the court system if possible).

The 5 day course is done in a covid-19 friendly way over Zoom and runs from 13th till the 17th of December. Those who do the course will have the chance to engage in not only learning but practising their new skills in various mediation roleplay situations.

The cost of the course and becoming a member of the ADR Network SA mediation panel for 2022 is only R 6850 (and can also be paid in 3 instalments if cash flow issues are a thing at the end of the year).

For more information or to register you can email: